The Band

Ad van Beek

Under the slogan: you don't have to be big in stature to get into the role of Clarence "Big Man" Clemons, Ad stands his ground. It is an honor for him to match this refined saxophonist as authentically as possible.

Ferdinand Schmutzer

Jack is the undisputed foundation of The Boss Brothers with his solid and surprising bass licks.

Yvonne Jochems

On backing vocals and percussion she is the band's "first lady". The E Street band has Patty Scialfa, but The Boss Brothers have Yvonne !

Amse de Jong

Professor Roy Bittan's piano parts are part of Amse's musical DNA like no other. When you see him enjoying himself behind his grand piano, the picture is complete.

Erik den Tuinder

The guitar parts of both Little Steven and Nils Lofgren are well spent on Marco. During the concerts his spectacular guitar solo in "Because The Night" is one of the highlights.

Marco van Osta

Armed with his trusted Telecasters and his enthusiastic stage appearance, he ensures that the audience will experience the real Springsteen feeling. As Springsteen said on Broadway; "It's all 'bout the moves !!".

Mark van Uden

The famous E Street groove is rock solid when Mark pops his tight and dynamic drumming from his DW kit. Now his own "Late Night show with Max Weinberg".

Ludwig Antonissen


Like Danny Federici, Ludwig is completely in his element behind his Hammond B-3. In the interaction with the pianist you hear the so recognizable E Street sound. His spontaneous stage appearance and excellent vocals are the proverbial icing on the cake.
The Phantom is alive !!!