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American rock icon Bruce Springsteen and his acclaimed E-Street band have been at the top of the international music scene for more than 40 years. In addition to his many hits and versatile repertoire, he is best known for his legendary concerts that regularly last over 3 hours. With a lot of energy, passion and emotion he takes the audience to unprecedented heights.

The tribute band "The Boss Brothers", founded in 2011, has grown into a real crowd puller. In various venues, such as festivals, theaters, concert halls and various catering establishments, they give Springsteen concerts, which can only be surpassed by The Boss itself. The band has now built up a very extensive Springsteen repertoire. Many hits and classics are on the set list. Both the die-hard Springsteen fan and the average music lover will have a great time during the concerts. Sing along, listen and enjoy your favorite Springsteen song or dance in the dark. That's The Ultimate Springsteen Experience with The Boss Brothers.
Your wish is our challenge!

Nobody wins unless everybody wins !

Growin' Up

Nobody wins unless everybody wins!

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